Wireless Doorbells

The largest selection of high-quality door bells directly from the manufacturer Metzler. Handmade from stainless steel. Modern stainless steel bell pushes with LED lighting and individual engraving. Multi-family bell plates for up to 8 parties.

Wireless Radio-doorbells made of stainless-steel

The choice of a suitable doorbell for your own home is not always easy. Especially in the case of a large or multi-storey object, there is always the question of where the chime should be placed inside the house, so that the ringing guest is not overheard. That's why more and more people are accessing a radio-bell with a radio-chime.

Advantages of the radio-bell opposite a bell with bell wires

  • There can be more than one radio-chime per ring.
  • Over 50 different tunes to choose from
  • On request also radio-chime with battery operation
  • Great range about 200 meters
  • Own MP3 songs and melodies can be played on the radio-chime
  • Volume comfortably adjustable, visual ringing signal in the form of LEDs
  • Easiest installation of the raadio-chime-receiver in the house

Choosing the right radio-doorbell is not always easy

First of all, it is important how many parties, apartments in your house need a radio-bell. In the assortment of stainless-steel Türklingel.de as a manufacturer of radio-bells made of stainless-steel you will find normal radio-bells as well as apartment house radio-doorbells. Both variants are available with or without personal engraving.

Cheap radio-doorbells with a good test rating buy from us as a radio-bell manufacturer in Germany particularly fast and inexpensive online.

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