3D stainless steel house number

The house number is the name of each building. It identifies it, serves for addressing and orientation. With our house numbers directly from the manufacturer, you have the opportunity to give your building the matching number in top quality. House numbers - Made in Germany.

House number assortment

As a German manufacturer of house numbers, our assortment design offers house numbers first-hand. In our factory in Baden-Württemberg we produce all our house numbers on the most modern punching and milling machines. Whether a classic house number, a 3D house number from a combination of natural slate and stainless steel, or a stainless steel acrylic number. We offer all our house numbers in the highest quality at reasonable prices directly online.


All our house numbers, whether design house number or classic, are fastened by a system that makes the screws invisible and thus emphasizes the stylish design. In our assortment, we have selected fonts for you, so that you can customize your house number and create an exclusive unique piece.

Stainless steel, glass and slate

We manufacture our house numbers from stainless steel, natural slate and acrylic glass. Stainless steel or V2A called captivates by its characteristics - no weather, temperature-resistant and scratch-resistant. Acrylic glass, scratch-resistant and weather-resistant. These modern materials in combination with centuries old natural slate give a beautiful picture of durability. Exactly this consistency is the perfect symbol of a building.

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