Explanation surface-mounted & flush-mounted

Surface-mounted or flush-mounted doorbell?

Depending on the circumstances you have, you may want to buy a surface-mounted or flush-mounted doorbell. But where is the difference?

Flush-mounted doorbell

In case of a flush-mounted doorbell some parts have to be mounted "under the plaster". With our Metzler doorbells, this is usually the pushbutton, which requires a corresponding recess in the wall of your house. Depending on the doorbell model, up to 20 mm of space is required in the facade.

  • Pushbuttons of flush-mounted doorbells must be flush-mounted in the façade or in any flush-mounted box.
  • Bell lies quite flush on the wall, as the technology is flush-mounted.

Surface-mounted doorbell

For a surface-mounted doorbell, a surface-mounted frame made of acrylic glass is supplied with the doorbell (depending on model). Furthermore, an ultra-flat pushbutton is installed, which fits into the housing of the doorbell and thus does not require a recess in the facade of the house.

  • Surface-mounted doorbells do not need a larger recess in the wall.
  • Inconspicuous special acrylic glass frame (depending on model) applies approx. 6mm.
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