Doorbell manufactory Metzler

We are fully behind what we do! That's why every single doorbell, every mailbox and every house number is lovingly crafted by hand. Thus you receive the best possible product quality. Our manufactory in southern Germany has specialized in high-quality stainless steel products for your house entrance.

You can buy the following articles in our online shop:

  • Door bells, radio bells & apartment bells made of stainless steel
  • House numbers, also with LED lighting and solar module
  • Stainless steel mailbox and newspaper compartments
  • Company signs with 3D profile letters
  • NEW: The doorbell online configurator. Create exactly the doorbell you really need.

With our passion for beautiful design in exclusive appearance we are constantly busy creating new models and bringing them to the market. As a manufacturer it is very important to us to satisfy every customer 100% and to offer exactly the product you really want!

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