Hardly any device can be operated with the mains voltage of typically 230V.

Transformers convert the current into the appropriate voltage.†In e.g. power supply units of electronic devices these are installed.

Assembly of a bell system


There are different types of chimes. A distinction is made between sound generation and the type of signal transmission. There are electromechanical chimes (1) and electronic chimes (2). With electromechanical chimes, the sound is produced by a tone iron, with electronic chimes, the sound is produced by a tone generator.

In terms of signal transmission, a distinction is made between wired chimes (1+2) and wireless chimes (3+4). The power supply for wired chimes is usually provided by a bell transformer (7). Radio bells are usually powered by batteries. Only with 230V radio bells (4) the receiver is operated via a socket with earthing contact.

Bell buttons (5) are mounted outside in front of the door. Stainless steel bell pushbuttons are particularly weather-resistant. They are hardly affected by rain because stainless steel is rustproof.†For a visitor or parcel service, illuminated buttons (6) are an orientation aid on the front door, especially in the dark season.

With bell transformers (7) the voltage or power supply of a bell system is carried out. Bell transformers require an input voltage of 230V~ and usually supply an output voltage of 8 V~. Depending on the current consumption of the connected bell, a bell transformer with 1 A or 2 A is required.


If you have an electronic chime or a melody chime, always insert the specified batteries.

A power supply with batteries is also necessary if the bell is additionally connected to a bell transformer.

Bell system

Construction of a bell system Construction of a bell system A Construction of a bell system B

A wired bell system consists of the chime (1) itself, the bell pushbutton (2) and the required transformer (3), which transforms the mains voltage to low voltage. The bell transformer is usually installed in the meter cabinet or a sub-distribution board.

To A.:

If the bell pushbutton is mounted in front of the front door and the chime in the hallway or living room, the components are connected with bell wire. Chimes usually have two terminals each for connecting the bell transformer and the bell pushbutton.

To B.:

In old buildings it often happens that only two conductors are available at the gong which is to be exchanged. In this case, one conductor was usually disconnected from the bell transformer and the two open ends were clamped in the contact terminals of the bell pushbutton.


In a bell system where the bell is only operated with batteries, an illuminated bell pushbutton cannot be used.

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