Stainless steel V2A


V2A is a stainless steel frequently found in everyday life, which is used, for example, in the construction of railings, mailboxes, doorbell systems, vehicles and sinks, and in the beverage industry.

Pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry finds.

This material has excellent resistance to rust and a wide range of chemically aggressive media.

V2A is an acid-resistant 18/10 chromium-nickel steel which, due to its low carbon content after welding, is intergranularly resistant to sheet thicknesses up to 5 mm even without subsequent heat treatment.

It is approved for temperatures up to 600 degrees Celsius.

The weldability after all electrical processes is good. The steel has very good polishability and particularly good formability by deep drawing, bending and roll forming (stainless steel sheet).

Common designations for corrosion- and acid-resistant steel are stainless, Inox, Stainless, VA, V2A, V4A or common material numbers such as 1.4301, 1.4305, 1.4571 and 1.4404.



Fingerprints on stainless steel:

Cleaning and care of stainless steel signs, bell systems, bell plates, house numbers, railings, mouldings, decorations but also in the kitchen and bathroom e.g. cooker hoods or refrigerator doors made of stainless steel,

it is recommended to use only high-quality STAINLESS STEEL cleaning/care products.

Our tip from many years of experience with V2A stainless steel:

Caramba stainless steel care product "Magic Wonder"

Caramba Cleaner

Ofixol Stainless steel care (industrial cleaner)

From the category "household tips", the following cleaning methods could be used:

1. Baby penate oil, (containing paraffin), on a cloth and rub the stainless steel surfaces lightly with it.

2. Rar polish to remove stains and wax for protection.

However, the care-protective effect of these methods is not permanent, which requires regular repetition of the process.

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