Radio bell

One radio bell is a mechanical signal transmitter which is connected via radio to the bell pushbutton.

The advantages of a radio bell are obvious. This combines the simplicity of a radio signal transmitter and the class of a mechanical bell. This wireless system allows a radio bell and the pushbutton to be easily mounted and commissioned.

A wireless bell system without cable routing is possible with radio chimes and consists of the radio chime (1) and the radio button (2) itself. The radio chime is,

depending on design, mobile and can be taken anywhere.

The radio chime can be used as a wall or table unit. The radio bell can have a range from 50 meters to 200 meters depending on the type.

Radio receiver and transmitter


Before final mounting, check that the signal reaches the receiver. If walls or sources of electromagnetic interference (e.g. telephones, TV or monitors) are located between the button and receiver, they may affect the range.

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