Mounting - Fastening

Information for mounting your doorbell

To ensure that you can attach your doorbell perfectly, we offer you (depending on the model) up to three different mounting types for doorbells.
Silicone_glue for_bell_fixing
Bolzenplatte zur Klingel Befestigung
Bolt_plate for_bell fastening

Silicone mounting

The bell plate is glued to the masonry. Please do not make any joints. Does not look good.

Mounting instruction: Since the LED button is recessed in the wall, there must be a sufficiently large hole. LED push-button 19mm = mounting depth depending on model up to approx. 38mm

Bolt plate

What is a bolt plate? The bolt plate is located on the back of the bell and is therefore invisible from the front. The bell is plugged directly into the masonry in the dowels with a little effort.

This has the advantage that the bell can be removed with a blunt object (e.g. a flat screwdriver). This makes it easy to get back to the wiring.

Tension spring for flush-mounted box

With our tension spring for flush-mounted boxes you can easily insert your new house bell into an existing flush-mounted box. The tension springs anchor the bell permanently in the box.

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