Bell pushbutton

The bell pushbutton is the signal generator of every bell. Pressing it sends a signal to the chime.

bell pushbutton is available in many different versions. From simple bell buttons to illuminated bell buttons. All our bell pushbuttons and bell buttons are vandalism proof and IP67 certified.

This means that the bell pushbutton is absolutely dustproof and waterproof.

Opener and turnkey

There are different ways of working buttons. The most common are normally closed and normally open.

The opener

An opener interrupts the circuit when actuated. Opener are also called normally closed contacts.

Normally the contacts are marked with the digits 1 and 2 (input and output) or NC (Normally Close).

The turnkey

A turnkey closes the contact when actuated. Turnkey are also called normally open contacts.

In this case, the digits 3 and 4 (input and output) or NO (Normally Open) are used for identification purposes.

NO contacts are often used as bell buttons.


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