Bell button

One bell button is on the doorbell the button that the guest can press to activate the chime inside the house.

Of course there are many different types of bell buttons. A bell button is also called a bell pushbutton or pushbutton.

Buttons used to be made of brass. Modern versions of the bell button are made of stainless steel, partly with energy-saving LED ring illumination. Of course there are also bell buttons made of synthetic substance or plastic.

Bell buttons are often exposed to the weather and should therefore be weatherproof, splashproof and dustproof in order to function properly even after many years.

As a bell button manufacturer we offer a wide range of bell buttons for your doorbell.

Opener and turnkey

There are different ways of working buttons. The most common are opener and turnkey.

The opener

An opener button interrupts the circuit when actuated. Opener buttons are also called normally closed contacts.

Normally the contacts are marked with the digits 1 and 2 (input and output) or NC (Normally Close).

The turnkey

A turnkey closes the contact when actuated. Turnkeys are also called normally open contacts.

In this case, the digits 3 and 4 (input and output) or NO (Normally Open) are used for identification purposes.

NO contacts are often used as doorbell pushbuttons.


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